1979 – managed to manipulate my parents to buy me an electric organ
1981 – first band Nightmare, playing organ
1982 – changed to bass in the next incarnation of the band
1983 – out of Nightmare, new bands India Fall and Le Cardinal
1986 – India Fall disbanded, Le Cardinal shrunk and became Southern Backyard…
1988 – … which became Lazybonez; also Oktoplus was founded
1990 – Alaston haave recruited me to replace their deceased bass player but the band folded fairly soon
1994 – 1995 – FunQTwo played a few funky gigs
1998 – 199x – Riitala Index
2001..2003 – Tomo Goes Groove (funk and rock with the Tomo Big Band horn section), also some gigs with the big band: Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concert (on guitar) and some latin stuff conducted by Carlos del Puerto (back to bass)
2002 – Fusion group IHO founded
2003 – Jazz group E.N.E. founded – standards, funk and especially latin jazz
2004 – Rock jazz (or something) group Jastam Kastam founded
2005 – 2014 Party cover band Hitmen
2009 – Classic rock band Top3 founded
201x – Bossalino
2018 – Spiders From Malmi
2018 – Moonstone

..and a fair number of temporary one-off subbing gigs aside all this. Plus a few band projects that never made it to the gig or music release state.