Discography – Musician Spots

Phil Streets - Hypothetically Of Course

Phil Streets: Hypothetically Of Course (2017)
– bass on all tracks

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Status Quo Tribute - Live In Studio

Status Quo Tribute: Live In Studio (2007)
– keyboards on “Rockin’ All Over The World” and “Rave On”

Martti Lappi - Läheltä ja kaukaa

Martti Lappi: Läheltä ja kaukaa (2006)
– bass on “Kaksin katsottava kuu”
– piano on “Se on salaisuus”

Phil Streets - Layers

Phil Streets: Layers (2005)
– bass on all tracks

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VSPR Compilation Three

VSPR Compilation Three (2005)
– (uncredited) bass on Streets And Thornbrugh: “Cloudy” (from Layers)

Frank Sunseri - She's Alone Again

Frank Sunseri: She’s Alone Again (2005)
– bass on four tracks

Assignment Bob Dylan

Assignment: Bob Dylan (2005)
–  bass and some percussion and guitar on Children Of Fortune: “This Wheel’s On Fire”

Kilpi - Sielut iskee tulta

Kilpi: Sielut iskee tulta (2004)
– backing vocal arrangement and a few lines sung as well.

The same track also appears on the album II Taso.

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95 Beats Per Minute

95BPM  A Big List Compilation (2002)
– bass and some drum programming on Mike Fishell: “Sploosh”

Cantus Mercurialis - Pohjoismaisia tunnelmia

Cantus Mercurialis: Pohjoismaisia tunnelmia (1997)
– arrangement and keys on “Yksi ruusu on kasvanut laaksossa (remix)”

Rockia risteyksestä – Pommari 20 vuotta (1996)
– vocal arrangement and backing vocals on Pennejä Taivaasta: “Mä haluun”

Kimi: Maailmani / Niin kaunista (1995)
– (uncredited) backing vocal arrangement and backing vocals